9 MONTHS – Personal development – 1ER cycle of vocational training

11 Nov's 2017 - time: 10:00 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Program of development of 9 MONTHS

And if you are interested in the Renaissance as a profession this course also is for you!

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Renacedor, a new and rewarding profession

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School breathing Canaria
: Natividad Jimenez
Contact telephone: 636 10 57 70
e-mail: escueladerespiracion@gmail.com


"There is nothing that you a more powerfully
with the source from which you come to your breath"


The breathing is not only a very important part of the body's nutritional system, but that assumes the 70% excretory apparatus of the same. Therefore, breathing eliminate more toxins in our cells and organs through other body disposal systems. A good breathing is always the common denominator in healthy people.


  1. It goes away the stress and tension
  2. It increases the energy and endurance.
  3. We master our emotions.
  4. It prevents and cures physical problems.
  5. It relieves pain, focusing on feelings rather than fight against them.
  6. It improves mental concentration and physical performance.
  7. Facilitates the transformation psycho-spiritual.
  8. It completely cleans the physical body.

Discover the pleasure of learning to breathe...

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About monitors:

Natividad Jimenez. Degree in mathematics with more of 30 years of teaching experience. He has taught thousands of people Renaissance. Cocreative magazine Breathing. Coach, Rebirther (breathing instructor, Rebirthing method), Renacedores forming, and the P.I.A certified facilitator. (Project International of self-esteem), created by Bob Mandel. Author of the book "BREATHES". He is a member of the collective of Canary Islands Renacedores and I.B.F. (International Brathwork Foundation) and Director of the Canaria School of breathing.

Agustin Hernandez Evora. He has a degree in English literature and has work in public education for more than thirty years. In 2003 He graduated as renacedor in the first class of the Canaria School of breathing, that has continued working since. ES, In addition, the P.I.A certified facilitator (Project International of self-esteem), created by Bob Mandel, Member of the collective of Renacedores of the Canary Islands and IBF (International Breathwork Foundation).

Some testimonials:

It has meant learning that breath is not only catch and release air. I've learned that breathing is power control and my improvement as a person every day and with mine. 4-12-2011 - Agustin Acevedo

He has been very productive and interesting. When I commented to my friends and family who came to this workshop of breathing, They told me "I already know to breathe", "I don't need to go". The first thing we do to choose to live in "3D" is breathing and also, But how we do it is a result of the way of spiritual evolution we choose. 29-1-2012 - Eunice Encinoso

I very much enjoyed this course, I am surprised how you can control the emotions and the power the power of thought when it comes to playing them. I think that many problems of current people, It is in these uncontrolled and dominating emotions, It's a shame that this does not reach everyone! It would change the lives of the people" 29- January of 2012 - Margarita Hdez

It has been very liberating break my prejudices towards what I thought perhaps was going to be one technique of many that I have tried and have left me with a sense of indifference. I was surprised very much what I felt and check that I don't already feel fear "losing control". I feel joy. Thank you!!!!! 29.1.2012 - Maria Perez Cerda

For my breathing is the most powerful technique of self-knowledge and expansion of human. Breathing has given me confidence in life, I have connected with who I truly am and it has increased my quality of life. When breathe, I open to the experience of love. Thank you. - Eva Darias, Editor, March 2016.

My breathing is everything now, When I'm happy respite, When I'm sad breath, When I am nervous breath... It has become a refuge where I feel at peace and comfortable. And above all has helped me a lot in my return to health. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Lucía García Morales, Master, March 2016.

Breath for my has been let me stop and see my life. Aware of every decision past and present. Drop everything that kept me ballasted and thereby give space to the arrival of the new. In each breath I feel joy , Thanks, joy and happiness. Thais Ainoa Alonso Alzamora, Therapist, March 2016.


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School breathing Canaria
: Natividad Jimenez
Contact telephone: 636 10 57 70
e-mail: escueladerespiracion@gmail.com