Basic seminars

onda1THE BASIC SEMINARS they are one of the best ways of learning to begin with Renaissance or Rebirthing. They tend to develop in a full weekend. They introduces the main elements of the Renaissance and working with a specific topic of personal development, that gives the name to the seminar. During the weekend, There are always two full sessions of breathing.
These seminars are directed to any beginner and people who, having already practiced the Rebirthing or Renaissance, they want to delve into the subject matter. The Canaria School of breathing offers several basic seminars per year. We always announce them, a minimum of one month in advance.

The different issues that have been addressed in the school are as follows:

Self-esteem: In this seminar we will see how we can create a strong and positive concept of ourselves and keep it beyond our ability or lack thereof in any field, and beyond the approval or disapproval of anyone else. Through breathing, we started to accept, liberate and integrate our inner feelings, What is a deep form of self-love.

A course in miracles: Develop the principles of a course in miracles, with meditations and offering simple Dynamics to help us create more peace, JOY and well-being in all our dealings.

Breathe and make your dreams real: We realize our dreams are filled with joy and inspire to allow others also achieve their goals in life. Learn to use a series of simple and powerful techniques to open itself to the well-being and let be, do and have everything what you want to, as it is, and it has always been, our right.

Prosperity: Most of us don't dare to be, doing and having what you really want. What are the reasons that prevent us from having enough money, love, success and joy in our life? In this seminar we will start discovering the mental patterns that prevent us from having a prosperous life. We will learn keys to overcome the main obstacles, helping us to do this with individual and group exercises.

Sexuality: What are the sexual patterns we learned? Are we responding to our deep desires or the schedule that we have? How can get rid of the guilt and change our programming, If so wish? How use our sexual energy as a means for our own growth? There will be an introduction to the "Tantra", and we will learn about breathing exercises to channel our energy and thus enjoy more than ourselves and our partner a.

The power of breath: What are the connections between our subconscious and our breath? How take conscience of the blockades and restrictions we have imposed on ourselves? We will learn different simple breathing exercises to achieve different purposes: relaxation, development of intuition, sleep better, release suppressed emotions, If you feel anger,…

The art of breathing: The birth and its influence on our lives. To free the memory of our first breath when we are born, We began to breathe and live fully.

The Global consciousness of the self: The 7 fundamental chakras and the possibilities of purification and activation of them through different exercises and meditations. As meditation breathing to achieve a smooth operation of our energy body.


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